Sunday, April 03, 2016

The North Georgia Hills performed by Another Mandolin Orchestra

“ … and a tote sack full of ginseng won’t pay no travelling bills.”

“The North Georgia Hills” is the title I gave to a piece that I wrote for the Atlanta Mandolin Orchestra about a year ago. I was aiming to capture something of the sound and feel of those great mandolin tunes by Norman and Nancy Blake that appeared on the Original Underground Music From The Mysterious South album around 1982.

At the 2015 CMSA convention in Austin I was honored that many of the Atlanta group (under the direction of maestro Bob Knysz), along with some special friends, chose to perform the piece during one of the open mic concerts. I shared this video with the Mandolin Cafe classical forum and on Facebook back in December. I'm posting it today to this blog because the score and parts for the piece have just been published in Germany by Joachim-Trekel-Musikverlag.

Many thanks to Maren Trekel and the folks at Trekel for making this piece available to mandolin orchestras everywhere. Here's the link to the appropriate page at the Trekel website:

I hope you enjoy this performance...

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