Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Java John's, solo mandolin tonight, April 20, 2016

(photo courtesy of Trish Finn)

Playing solo mandolin at Java John's Coffee House here in Decorah tonight from 7:00-9:00.

Here's the preliminary setlist:

Java John's solo mandolin, April 20, 2016

Set 1
O’Neill’s Favorite /Old French / Morpeth Rant / Gilderoy
Carolan’s Concerto
Oswald Divertimento X
Goodin Divertimento 2016, no. 4
No Questions Asked
Sonata in L(ou)
Telemann Menuets
Bach Cello Suite no. 1 – Allemande / Corrente
Deer Track June 25, 2003 / Bob’s Angels / Jaunty Ted / Why Ted Flies / Books and Ladders

Set 2
St. Francis and the Wolf / St. Francis Dreaming / St. Francis and the Birds
Sauli Partita I
Six Solos, Summer 2006
Oswald Divertimento I
Telemann Menuets
Carolan’s Draught / George Brabazon #2
St. Louis Railyard
Marsch i April / Maknads Marsch
The Wedding Broom / Alice’s Garden / August 2, 2013
Deer Tracks


It's a lot of fun planning these programs. I'm optimistic that I can play most of the notes involved. We'll see if there is really enough time to get all of this music played. I may need to skip a few repeats.

The nice photo above comes from Trish Finn who took lots of photos at the Call of the Loon dance weekend a week and a half ago. It's a great shot of the old Gibson approaching 90 years of age. None of the amps in the background were connected to me, they were being used by the fine folks in Wild Asparagus.

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