Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Three Jigs, Old & New

Tight Squeeze/Tolley's Jig no. 3/Palisades (mp3) (pdf)

I played a two hour set of background music last Saturday on solo mandolin in a nice warm room with plenty of friendly people around. It was lots of fun. I put together this set of jigs for the occasion and recorded them this afternoon.

Tight Squeeze is one of my oldest tunes, from somewhere back in the 1980s, but it has never caught on with any of the groups I play with. I often play it when I'm warming up though. Tolley's Jig no. 3 was written a couple of weeks ago and started off as the middle section of a Divertimento but I decided I like it better as a separate tune. Palisades is from the Contratopia Tunebook and the band has played it dozens, if not hundreds, of times. It's fun to play solo also. It appears as part of the final track of our first CD, Hands Four.

The photo was taken two winters ago and shows the road that leads up into the Palisades Park. Suzie the dog and I were walking up this path just a couple of hours ago. Today it looks much like it did in this picture.
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