Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Beautiful Days

The Beautiful Days (mp3)(pdf)
1837 Turnpike Road (mp3)(pdf)
A Fresh Start (mp3)(pdf)

A season has passed since the last post to this blog. In northeast Iowa the beautiful days of autumn are gone. The photo above was taken during a stroll on October 8th in Decorah's lovely Palisades Park. The Beautiful Days waltz was written on September 17th and recorded (along with the other tunes in this post) a couple of weeks ago.

Back in August we were lucky to spend a day and a night at Shakertown, Pleasant Hill, Kentucky. In the afternoon I had the chance take a short hike that included a stretch along the 1837 Turnpike Road on the village grounds. I was listening to Norman and Nancy Blake on my mp3 player and wrote this four part tune not long after.

A Fresh Start was written early in the morning (well, early for me at least) on the first day of the fall term at Luther College. I should have been getting ready for work but this friendly schottische insisted that summer wasn't yet over.

Winter won't be long in coming now. Winter tunes will follow.
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