Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Ice Wagon Cometh

The Ice Wagon Cometh (mp3) (pdf) (pdf-harmony)

Written on a cold day near the end of 2013, this schottische-like tune led me to a memory of my father. Once in a while my Dad would mention that his father (who died not long after I was born) had driven an ice wagon back in the 1920s. He had fond memories of sometimes riding along with him.

The photo above is from the Harry Lemen Historic Photo Collection, housed at the Madison-Jefferson County Public Library (Madison, Indiana). Madison is only an hour or so upriver from Clarksville and the wagon in the photo might have been very similar to the one that my father would have known.

Recorded today, a cold, rainy day in April with a Martin guitar and a Lafferty mandolin. I'm also including a harmony part suitable for a second mandolin, violin or any other treble clef instrument.

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