Sunday, January 13, 2013

September Last

September Last (mp3) (pdf)

This tune emerged on or about September 16, 2012 and received its only (to date) public performance at the Steyer Opera House, here in Decorah, on September 21 as part of the "Coming Home Again" concert presented by the Water Street Music Series featuring the quartet of Ellen Rockne, Kathy Reed, Erik Sessions and myself. That performance featured Kathy on harpsichord, Erik on fiddle and me on mandolin.

The photo was taken (according to our camera) on Sept. 8, just a few days before the music came.

The recording is from this morning. It's nice to remember the warmth of September on a cold January morning.


Michael King said...

(new subscriber), Just getting into Mandolin(making one for myself) Loving your mandolin compositions, I was wondering what software you used to create your pdf's? Many thanks!

John said...

Michael, I'm glad you're enjoying the music. I use Sibelius music notation software for the notes and I use the free PDF Creator software ( to convert the Sibelius files to PDF docs.

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