Sunday, July 20, 2008

July 2008

St. Anthony and the Fishes (mp3)(pdf)
Woodhaven (mp3)(pdf)

I came across a reference to St. Anthony and his sermon to the fishes in Alberto Manguel's wonderful book The Library at Night (p.216) during the time that this four part tune was looking for a title. The mention of Anthony reminded me of my "St. Francis and the Birds" tune which has a similar form. This is another of those tunes that I almost didn't write down because much of it is so clearly derivative of other, better, tunes. In spite of that, I did pick up the pen and then I enjoyed playing it over and over. So here it is.

I think of Woodhaven as a medieval tune, a ductia maybe? In any event I've had it around a long time. I think it would also work nicely as an S/A recorder duet if the alto player transposes the bottom line.


Dori said...

Hi! I'm really enjoying your blog. I live in Coralville, but I heard about you when I sat in with the Minnesota Mandolin Orchestra a couple weeks ago. When I said I was from Iowa, several people wanted to know if I knew you. So I looked you up when I got home.

Do you know of any mandolin orchestras in eastern Iowa? My teacher "dreams" of having one here in the Iowa City area, but I don't think there are enough of us.

Malcolm Brooks said...

I like how Woodhaven start with a series of downward notes. That downward phrase surprised me. Thanks!

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