Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Two Lieutenants, Sledding at Walnut Ridge, The Madison Road

Two Lieutenants (mp3 medley) (pdf)
Sledding at Walnut Ridge
The Madison Road (pdf)

Three tunes in a set that I recorded a couple of years ago for my bandmates in Contratopia. We've played this set some since then, although lately we've substituted a different tune for Madison.

Two Lieutenants gets its title from one of my Dad's favorite World War II stories involving his work as an MP with the V Corps in Europe and his encounter with two inebriated officers.

The lovely Walnut Ridge Cememtery in Jeffersonville, Indiana was our favorite sledding site when we were little kids. There were a couple of very nice unpopulated slopes and it was always quiet.

The Madison Road runs from Decorah to just outside of Ridgeway and is one of several possible ways to begin a journey to Cresco. It's really a very pleasant drive.

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